Batgirl's Forced Orgasm

Starring Diamond as Catwoman, and Alex as Batgirl

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Asphyxiation/Bagging, Girl Girl Sex, Necro, Nudity, Pregnant, Rape, Sex Toys/Dildos, Sexual Content, Strap On Sex, Superheroines, and Tickling

Catwoman is on a tear trying to find the secret to all the superheroine powers. She decided that she will first lure Batgirl to her lair and find out what she can do to steal Batgirl's powers. A monumental cat fight ensues with the two women punching and pulling hair and strangling each other until Catwoman finally knocks Batgirl out. After tying Batgirl up, Catwoman proceeds to punch, slap, tickle and strangle her until Batgirl finally admits that the only way to steal her powers is to make her have an orgasm. Catwoman proceeds to strip Batgirl and makes her suck on a huge strap-on dildo to lube it up and then tit fucks her and finally rams it home until Batgirl has a massive orgasm and passes out. Catwoman - feeling Batgirl's power transfer into her body - decides to plan for the next superheroine she can conquer and leaves Batgirl unconscious on the bed.

"Batgirl's Forced Orgasm" - 29 minutes

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