Ice Princess Vs. Wonder Woman

Starring and The Twins as Wonder Woman/Ice Princess

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Chloroformed/Carried, Nudity, Pregnant, Sex Toys/Dildos, Sexual Content, and Superheroines

Wonder Woman is notified that the Ice Princess is wreaking havoc in her attempt to take over the world and WW's help is needed! She investigates and is jumped by the Ice Princess. After several minutes of wrestling, catfighting and punching, the Ice Princess wrestles WW's lasso from her belt and wraps it around her - questioning WW in her lasso-induced moment of truth in an attempt to learn how to ultimately destroy WW. Wonder woman puts up a good fight, struggling against the powers of the lasso before being led to the Ice Princess' lair. She is stripped of her outfit - starting with her belt and it tied spread-eagle to the bed. The Ice Princess taunts the powerless heroine and starts punching and beating on her again. The Ice Princess finally gets WW to admit that the only way to destroy her is to fuck her pussy. The Ice Princess puts on a strap-on dildo, forces WW to suck on it before she tittie-fucks her with it. She slides it into WW and pumps her with it until WW falls unconscious. Will she be able to contact her superheroine friends in time?? Or will the Ice Princess achieve ultimate world domination?

"Ice Princess Vs. Wonder Woman" - 30 minutes

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