Prima Donnas on Fur #2

Starring Amy, and Renee

Featuring 2 Girls or More, BearSkin, Body Parts, Clothing, Feet, Furs & Fuzzies, Humiliation, and Pantyhose

Amy and Renee are very wealthy women who get their thrills out of humiliating others who aren't as fortunate. They return from a day of splurging at the mall to try on various shoes, stockings and pantyhose while walking on the various furs they've scattered on the floor. They slide their feet and heels around on the furs, subjecting the fur to the many tortures by their feet. Main focus of video is on their feet on the furs as well as the humiliation of the homeless man they saw outside the mall. For the pantyhose/foot enthusiast or someone who just likes to see a furs being walked on in high heels and pantyhose.

"Prima Donnas on Fur #2" - 45 minutes

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