Fur Babes

Starring Renee, Angel, and Chelsea

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Body Parts, Clothing, Furs & Fuzzies, Nudity, and Sexual Content

Chelsea, Renee's girlfriend, is out of town for awhile. Renee has invited her new girlfriend Angel over to play with Chelsea's furs..... Renee and Angel are modeling the fur for each other - slowly rubbing it on each others bodies when Chelsea storms in! She's pissed off that Renee snuck into her closet and is sharing her furs. She decides that she has to get even. Renee and Angel both are begging Chelsea to be nice - Angel, claiming that she didn't have anything to do with the idea, sides with Chelsea and decides that Renee should be punished. What better way to punish her than to make her beg for fur loving! All the girls are wearing full length furs - Chelsea and Angel start rubbing their furs all over Renee's body - making her beg for it until she can't take anymore!.

"Fur Babes" - 31 minutes

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