Fur Tickle Turnabout

Starring Megan, Nikki Brooks, and Renee

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Clothing, Erotic Tickling, Foot/Arm/Tummy Tickling, Furs & Fuzzies, and Tickling

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Megan comes in and finds Nikki on the bed wearing one of Megan's furs that she was forbidden to wear. After arguing, Megan bops Nikki on the head, ties her up and proceeds to ruthlessly tickle her naked body. After a long period of tickle torture, Nikki gets free enough to bop Megan on the head and tie her naked body to the bed and then she proceeds to tickle torture Megan until Megan can't take it any more. Nikki finally leaves Megan tied to the bed calling for help.

"Fur Tickle Turnabout" - 25 minutes

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