Catwoman Tease and Denial

Starring Amy as Catwoman, and Alex

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Bellybuttons / Navels, Body Parts, Chloroformed/Carried, Foot/Arm/Tummy Tickling, Handjobs, Male Bellybuttons, Male Tickling, Nudity, Sexual Content, Superheroines, and Tickling

Catwoman and her accomplice plan to capture the man who has information that they need - they devise a plan of torture - using tickling and tease and denial methods to make him talk. They set the trap, capturing the man with little resistance. They tie him up and bring out their tools of torture. They show him the various vibrators that they will use to bring him close to the brink of of orgasm time and time again. Catwoman and her sidekick strip his pants down and unbutton his shirt to reveal his chest and cock - they start right in with intense underarm tickling and notice that they are getting a rise out of him. They move further south and start to tickle his cock and balls. Catwoman strokes his cock - feeling it grow in her hands. She knows he wants to shoot his load but she forbids him -- during this, her sidekick is tickling his feet hoping to cause him to lose control.

"Catwoman Tease and Denial" - 30 minutes

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